While they play checkers.

We play chess. 

We operate with the fundamental belief that the customer is still always right.
We are against fraudulent and predatory business practices.

We want people to empower themselves. Know your worth and do not let others take advantage of you! We love the phrase, "Don't come for us unless we send for you." 

We also know most matters can be settled out of court and we're here for that!

What Success Looks Like to Us. Our top writer has:

* Beat lawyers in court with professional documents representing extensive legal research.
* Written documents for an attorney which helped his client obtain a six-figure settlement against an employer for wrongful termination.  
* Obtained free rent from landlords due to a lease loophole. 
Written media stories that get attention, including one which had a man released after 14 years for wrongful imprisonment. 

We’re here if you need a prolific writer and a strong advocate.

Your adversary hopes you will give up.
Let them know that's not happening!

In our society, well-crafted, unemotional, correspondence gets attention. Immediate attention!

Before The Attorney provides you with personalized business correspondence to share with decisionmakers.
The people who have the power to compromise in your favor. 

We do not believe you should accept any less, and neither should you.





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Washington, D.C. 20033

(202) 505-2084

We are proud to be an 100% USA owned
and operated service.

Stay Empowered.


Before The Attorney is not legal representation, nor do we provide legal service. By using our service, you understand and agree we are in no way legally representing you in any manner.
If you require legal representation, you should consult an attorney.

Before The Attorney may provide links to attorneys, organizations, and government agencies. We do not intend such links to be considered referrals or endorsements. 

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